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I use a Cognitive Behavior Modification approach to devise short-term solutions for individuals, couples and families: A general description of my methods of helping clients is a high degree of interaction between the client(s) and myself. Counseling is directed primarily at modifying distorted or maladaptive thought processes and related behavioral dysfunctions to arrive at solutions to solve the current presenting problem(s). Together we identify and modify internalized debilitating automatic thought processes. Devise healthy solutions rather than maladaptive schema(s) around current intra-inter personal communications and the affected relationship(s). Procedures utilized to accomplish the above are numerous. Here are a few: Work together as an investigative team, encourage self-monitoring and self-help, develop coping strategies for real losses and actual deficits, customize therapy interventions, use gentle humor, set agenda for therapy sessions, give constructive feedback to direct the course of therapy, employ common cognitive therapy and other therapeutic techniques (identifying automatic thoughts, generate alternatives, imagery exercises, guided discovery, reflective listening, journaling, maintain a record of dysfunctional-functional thought processes. My knowledge and experience around family systems, family of origin issues, Christian values, professional ethics, medical model, devising solutions, and personality types (differences and similarities) are incorporated into our therapeutic approach.

Clients Presenting Issues that I have had success in treating

Adolescent issues 

Inter-racial families
Affairs  Job loss or change 
Alcoholism  Marital discord
Anxiety  OCD
Bereavement/Loss  Panic attacks
Blended family conflicts  Phobias
Co-dependency  PTSD
Depression  Separation/divorce
Drug addictions  Single parent issues
Employee-employer concerns  Spiritual/religious faith concerns
Gambling addictions  Veteran's Issues
Interfaith couples Victims of sexual abuse

Counseling formats that I am accomplished in: Individual, Couples, Family, Small and Large Group. 

I am skilled at using a Christian or secular approach depending upon the needs of the client(s). Typically incorporate a cognitive behavioral approach to arrive at short-term solutions on behalf of the client(s).

Approximate percent of the age groups that I treat:

10% ~ Older Adults Age 60 and over
60% ~ Adults Age 18 to 59
30% ~ Adolescents Age 13 to 17
05% ~ Older Children Ages 8 to 12

Treatment Modality:

50% ~ Individual Counseling
35% ~ Conjoint/Couples Counseling
25% ~ Family Counseling

I am an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) for the following companies:


6 Years
CIGNA 6 Years
ComPsych 8 Years
Corporate Family Network 5 Years
Managed Health Network 8 Years
UBH 6 Years
Work Place Solutions 5 Years
United States Government 9 Years

Department of Defense, Air Force

I receive approximately 55 EAP referrals per year. About 30% of my practice time is spent working with EAP referrals. I have provided EAP services for 14 years as of January 8, 2003.


Continuous employment history from 20 November 1960, to present:
bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes) In private practice at BirdSong Education - Counseling Service, 8 Eagle Center, Suite 3, O'Fallon, IL 62269, tel. (618) 624-1234 from 1 January 1995 to present. Click here is a list of my services. 

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Employed as a Family Counselor at Catholic Social Service, 617 South Belt West, Belleville, IL 62220, tel.: (618) 277-9200 from August 1988 thru December 1994. Supervisor: Margie Mensen. MA, LCSW. Reason for Leaving: Entered private practice. Provided individual, couples and family counseling, averaging 20 counseling sessions per week. Developed, marketed and conducted support/therapy groups on the following topics: Co-Dependency, Divorce Recovery, Adult Incest Survivors, Spouses of Adult Incest Survivors, and a group for couples (marriage enrichment).

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Conducted DWI evaluations and taught alcohol related classes for Dr. Sammylane Wirth, Ph.D., LMFT at Gateway Counseling, #6 Executive Drive, Suite 2, Fairview Heights, Illinois, tel. (618) 398-9200 from October 1986 till June 1988. Also, employed by Health Resources Division at 333 Salem Place, Suite 145, Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208, Supervisor: Mr. Jim Harting, tel. (618) 632-3145 from September 23, 1986 July 1988. Reason for leaving: Career Advancement. Job Description: Conducted computerized diagnostic follow up evaluations on former patients who have completed Chemical Dependency Treatment with DayBreak at Northside Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Reason for leaving: Full time college student from September 1, 1985 thru June 11, 1988, during which time I finished my Bachelors Degree and completed my Master’s Degree on June 11, 1988.

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Drug ~ Alcohol Abuse Control Management Branch at Headquarters Military Airlift Command, (MAC/DPZ), Scott AFB, Illinois 62225-5000 from July 1, 1984 to August 31, 1985. Supervisor: Captain Nelson Rosado. Reason for leaving: Retired from the Air Force after 24years, 5 months and 23 days to start a second career. Job Description: Improved quality of life for a 95,000-member work force by developing, coordinating and determining substance abuse treatment policies at sixteen outpatient, and four inpatient drug/alcohol rehabilitation facilities, which are located throughout the world. These actions reduced substance abuse by 39% and quickly returned personnel to becoming productive workers. Advised corporate managers of trends, problems and corrective actions taken to overcome substance abuse. Managed the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Branch for the Military Airlift Command. Develops and staffs policies to counter the negative effects of substance abuse. Hand picked by the Air Force Staff to present at the 1984 Family Support Center Conference. Chosen to rewrite the skill knowledge tests for Drug alcohol Rehabilitation Counselors. Conducted Staff Assistance visits throughout the Military Airlift Command to assist counselors and managers in developing their respective areas of expertise.

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Social Actions Liaison ~ for the USAF Medical Center, Alcoholism Rehabilitation Center (ARC), Scott AFB, Illinois 62225-5000 from August 15, 1980 to July 1, 1984. Supervisor: Major Peter F. Durand, Ph.D. Reason for leaving - Position Advancement. Served as primary point of contact, coordinating referrals, and providing information to 10 local base outpatient treatment facilities and the major air command’s inpatient 20 bed alcoholism rehabilitation center. Coordinates referrals of patients and spouses for inpatient treatment and assists in their transitions back to local units. Conducts group therapy, recreational and occupational therapy. Conducts the individual and group assessments. Collects statistical information for reoccurring reports. Initiates follow-up procedures to assess program impact. Conducts orientations for referring personnel and provides educational instruction on aspects of alcoholism and recovery. Manages the family participation throughout the treatment process. Expanded the annual eight-hour special alcohol education program for senior officers and senior enlisted advisors. Increased an awareness of inpatient treatment resources, which resulted in a 40% increase in referrals for treatment. Selected by the Social Work Consultant to the USAF Surgeon General to organize a conference for 12 Alcoholism Rehabilitation Center Liaisons and their Directors. Presented two topics at this joint worldwide conference on the family.

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge of the Wing/Base Drug Alcohol Abuse Control Section for the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing at Bitburg Air Base, Germany from August 15, 1977 thru August 15 1980. Supervisor: Major William J. Waddington. Reason for Leaving: Position Advancement. Job Description: Conducted Substance Abuse Education seminars for supervisors, upper management and substance abusers. Counseled personnel in the rehabilitation programs. Advised Unit Commanders and Base Agency Personnel on issues related to substance abuse control. Presented substance prevention programs to dependent personnel, maintained rehabilitation program case files, and compiled information pertaining to the rehabilitation program for routine and special reports. Presented case reviews to the Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Committee and prepared program analysis data and related program reports for presentation to the Wing Drug Alcohol Abuse Control Committee. Administered group therapy, individual counseling, and individual and groups assessments. Supervised 3 full time and five part time counselors.

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Wing/Base Drug/Alcohol Abuse Control NCO for the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing at Pope air Force Base, North Carolina from March 1, 1976 thru March 2, 1977. Supervisor: MSgt Nelson Reyes Reason for Leaving: Position advancement. Job Description: Provided Drug/Alcohol Abuse Control activities to prevent and eliminate drug and alcohol abuse when and where feasible. Provided drug, alcohol rehabilitation counseling for the individual and his family. Provided drug/alcohol education to all base personnel. Made referrals to other agencies as appropriate. Prepared reports for higher headquarters. Presented case reviews to the Drug alcohol Rehabilitation Committee. Advised Unit Commanders, Mid-Level Supervisors, Medical Technicians, Medical Doctors, Chaplains, and Social Workers on treatment issues related to substance abuse. Prepared articles for publication in the base newspaper. Facilitated guided discussions at health science classes in the public school system.

bluebullet.gif (1131 bytes)Assistant Club Manager of the Officer’s Club at Rhein Main Air Base, Germany from August 15, 1974 thru February 10th 1976. Supervisor: MSgt Lawrence D. Neeley. Reason for Leaving: Career change. Job Description: Supervised 97 personnel from 14 different countries. Established work priorities, and assigned duties. Evaluated performance, recommended promotions and dismissals. Established and conducted on the job training. Insured compliance with Fire and Safety regulations. Conducted daily bar and food inventories. Prepared purchase orders in support of club activities. Planed and supervised private parties for ten to four hundred and fifty individuals. Performed any duty in connection with the club as directed by the Club Manager and acted as Executive control of the club in the absence of the Club Manager. Prepared work schedules for employees. Prepared daily profit and loss reports. Established monthly entertainment schedules and budgets.

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY SERVICE: United States Air Force, November 20, 1960 thru September 1, 1985. Retired as a Master Sergeant.

MILITARY AWARDS: Received Bronze Star while serving in Vietnam in 1972. Received other Meritorious Service and Air Force Commendation awards for exemplary performance during my 24-year career.

Number of Years of Counseling Experience: 30 (thirty).

LICENSE: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), since March 1995.

EDUCATION: Bachelors of Arts Degree in Social Science - Graduated December 1986 (McKendree College, Lebanon, IL); Masters of Science Degree in Education & Counseling - Graduated June 1988 (Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL 62025); and completed two courses towards a Ph.D. Degree in Marriage and Family Development at St. Louis University, St Louis, MO. - 1988 - 1989; State Certified Addiction Counselor - April 1985 I allowed this to lapse after obtaining my LCPC in March l995.

GROUP THERAPY: I have facilitated support, therapy or educational groups for: Couples in Counseling; Co-Dependency Issues; Adult Survivors of Incest; Divorce Recovery Issues; Grief (related to the death of a spouse), Stress Relationship and Self Esteem Issues and Alcoholism related issues for the alcoholic and the family of the alcoholic.

TRAINING GROUPS: Provided hands on training to volunteers and professionals concerning the further development of their Group Facilitator Skills for facilitating support and therapy groups.

CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY POSITIONS: Counselor - March 1976 through July 1984; Director Outpatient Treatment - August 1977 through August 1980; Inpatient Program Coordinator - August 1980 through July 1984; Corporate Manager - August 1984 through August 1985.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIPS: American Counseling Association, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, First Baptist Church of O’Fallon, IL., St. Louis Eating Disorders Network. International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors






Name & Location

Month & Year Training Completed

Total Class Hours
Art Therapy and Anxiety:  Healing Through Imagery

Jeannie Staudt

St. Louis, MO

May 23, 2014


Emotional Manipulation:
Understanding Manipulations and Helping their Victims
Jeannie Staudt

St. Louis, MO

January 17, 2014 6.0
The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part II: Enhancing Resilience  Online Course

Relias Learning

January 3, 2014 1.75
Trauma Counseling Ellen C. Ranney PHD, LMFT
Jean Caine, LCSW, LMFT
Belleville, IL
July 12, 2013 6.0
The Ten Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D.
St. Louis, MO
June 28, 2013 6.25
Gottman Couples Therapy (Level I Certification) Williams Bumberry, Ph.D
St. Louis, MO
March 7-8, 2013 12.5
The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 1 Online Course
Essential Learning
November 1, 2012 2.25
Military One Source Value Options Provider Administrative Annual Renewal Online Course
Essential Learning
November 1, 2012 .75
Crisis Counseling Lindenwood University
Belleville, IL
Dana Webster-Barrows MA, LCPC
September 21, 2012 6
Jungian Dream Interpretation
Practical Considerations and Applications


St. Louis, MO July 13, 2012 6
Military One Source Value Options Orientation Webinar Military One
On Line Essential Learning
March 29, 2012 2.0
Military Cultural Competence Military One
On Line Essential Learning
March 29, 2012 1.25
Restoring & Revitalizing Marital Sexuality Barry W. McCarthy, PhD
St. Louis, MO
March 16, 2012 6
Emotional Manipulation Understanding Manipulators and Helping their Victims JIM FOGARTY, Clinical Psychologist, St. Louis, MO. November 18, 2011 6
Course 1M – Deployment and Reintegration in Wartime Ceridian Military One
Source On Line
April 23, 2011 1.0
Harnessing Hope & Reducing Relapse AMA PRA Category
St. Louis, MO
March 12, 2011 6.5


EAP Services for Military Personnel and Families CEU by Net
Richardson, TX
March 8, 2011 4
EAP 101 Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
Intro to Military Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
TriCare Referrals for APN’s Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
MOS Overview Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
Duty to Warn Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
Medical vs. Non-Medical Counseling Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
APN Case Note Submission Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
Confidentiality Ceridian Military One Source On-line January 11, 2011 .5
Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Patricia Kyle Dennis, Ph.D., LCSW
Belleville, IL

September 10, 2010 6
Treating Trauma and Attachment Issues in Children and Families

Terry Levy, PhD, DAPA, BCFE
Michael Orlans, MA, DAPA, BCFE

February 26, 2010 5
Interpersonal Unconscious in Couples & Couple Therapy

David Scharff, M.D.
Jill Scharff, M.D.
St. Louis, MO

October 23, 2009 6
Couples and Affairs
Managing the Clinical Challenges
Michael Ceo, MA, LPC
St. Louis, MO
July 10, 2009 6
Stopping the Pain
Suicide & Self-Mutilation
Jack Klott, MSSA, LISW, CSW
St. Louis, MO
March 20, 2009 6
Contextual Couples Therapy and Anger Dr. Francesca Giordano
Collinsville, IL
November 7, 2008 6
Approaches to Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFT
St. Louis, MO
Sept 12, 2008 6
The Science of Positive Psychology, Practical Applications in Clinical Work Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFT
St. Louis, MO
April 18, 2008 6
Treating Anxiety & Depression Innovations, Interventions & Strategies for Treating this Common Co-morbidity Dr. Michael Yapko, Ph.D.
St. Louis, Mo.
September 28, 2007 6
Assessing Boundaries and Building the Supervisory Relationship Dr. Toni Tollerud, LCPC Effingham, IL April 21, 2006 6
Theories & Techniques of Counseling Supervision Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin
Rend Lake, Illinois
April 8, 2006 6
“Scared Stiff”, Fast, Effective Treatment for Anxiety Disorders David D. Burns, M.D.
St. Louis, Mo.
Mar24 & 25th, 2006 13
Evaluation & Assessment in Counseling Supervision Dr. Toni Tollerud, LCPC
SIUE, Edwardsville, IL
Dec 9, 2005 6
Breaking the Patterns of Depressions Michael Yapko, Ph.D. Sept 29-30 2005 11
Integrated Care and Empowerment for People in the Bipolar Spectrum Michael Freeman, M.D.


Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Children and Adolescents and Related Challenges Daniel R. Fecht, Ph.D.
St. louis, Mo.


Emerging Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management Of Mood Disorders Post, Lang, Wheller MD’s
St. Louis, MO


Resolving Impasses Jessica Benjamin, Ph.D.


Over-Indulged Children: Dealing With At Risk Youth & Their Enabling Parents Brian J Wolf , St. Louis, MO


Transforming Aggression: From eruption to reaction Frank M. Lachmann, Ph.D. 
St. Louis, MO
Nov-2002 5
Collaborative Couples Therapy Daniel B. Wile, Ph.D.
Family Therapy Institute of St. Louis, MO
Oct-2002 11
Couples Therapy-Keeping the Soul Alive Bill O'Hanlon, MS
Family Therapy Institute of St. Louis
St. John's Mercy Medical Center
St. Louis, MO
May 9 & 10, 2002 11
Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse Marsha Moore Andreoff, MS,LPC 
St. Louis, MO
May-2002 1
Non-hospital Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa Randall Flanery, Ph.D.
St. Louis Eating Disorder Network
St. Louis, MO
Jan-2002 1
The Psychological Aftermath of Surgical Weight Loss Francesca Ferrentelli, M.A.
St. Louis Eating Disorder Network
St. Louis, MO
Nov-2001 1
Surgical Weight Loss St. Louis Eating Disorder Network, St. Louis, MO Nov-2001 1
Attachment, The Brain and Psychotherapy: From Mother's Gaze to Therapist's Office Allan N. Schore, Ph.D.
St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
St. Louis, MO
Oct-2001 5
Managing Anxiety Before It Manages You George Bates, LCPC
St. Louis Eating Disorder Network
St. Louis, MO
Oct-2001 1
The Adonis Complex-Male Body Image Sun Smith-Foret, MFA, MSW
Teri Powers, MSW
St. Louis Eating Disorder Network
St. Louis, MO
Sep-2001 1
Eating Disorders in Childhood Patricia K. Dennis, MSW, Co-Chair
St. Louis Eating Disorder Network
St. Louis, MO
Apr-2001 1.5
Marriage is Therapy Rick  Brown, Th.M., St John's Mercy Medical Center,
St. Louis, Mo.
March 22-23, 2001 12
Angry Couples & Defiant Adolescents David Keith M.D., Psychiatrist August 17 & 18 , 2000 11
Group Discussion About Ethics Sheri Miller, MA, LMFT - IAMFT Professional Development Series, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville, IL Aug-2000 2
Creating Connection Susan Johnson, EdD., St. John's Medical Center Oct 28 & 29, 1999 11

Managing Borderline Personality Disorder
Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

David M. Connor, M.D.
Board Certified Psychiatrist
St. Elizabeth's Hospital,
Belleville, IL
Aug-1999 2 CEU's
Addictions in Families
Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Michael Conley, CSADC
Dir of Behavioral Healthcare and Social Service,
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Belleville, IL
May-1999 2
Couples Therapy in the 90's
Advances and Innovation
Frank Pittman, M.D., Psychiatrist
St. john's Medical Center,St.
Louis, Mo.
April 29 & 30, 1999 11
Gender Sensitive Family Therapy
Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Jean Caine, LCSW, LMFT
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Belleville, IL
Feb-1999 2
Narcissism and Intimacy (A Self-Psychology Approach to Couples Therapy) Marion Solomon,Ph.D.
Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, MO
Oct 1998 5
Men's Challenge to Change Il Assoc for Marriage and Family Therapy
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Belleville, IL
May-1998 2
Marital Therapy (Solution Focused) John Gottmann,Ph.D.
St. john's Mercy Medical Center
St. Louis, MO
Ap-1998 13
Study of Personality Types Riso Hudson Penn. Aug-1996 72
Systematic Treatment Planning (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) University of IL
Springfield, I L
Sep-1995 6
Applications of Brief, Solution Focused Psychotherapy IL Assoc. Of Family Service Agencies Belleville, IL Dec-1994 12
Family Systems Therapeutic Inductions Pat Openlander,PhD
St. Louis, MO
Jan -
Nov 1994
Advanced Clinical Skills  in the treatment of sexual  abuse Fredrick & Associates
St Louis, Mo
Nov-1992 7
Working With Infidelity: Therapeutic
Approaches to Extramarital Affairs
St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO



Building Inner Strengths: In Ourselves and in Others St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO



The Art of Family Therapy Carl Whitaker
St. Louis, MO
Apr-1990 8
Love & Significant Relationships Hyland Center
St. Louis, MO
Dec-1989 6
Families in Transition St. Louis, MO May-1989 6
Towards PhD in Marriage and Family Development St. Louis University Jun 1988-
Apr 1989
6 Semester Hrs
Masters Degree Education & Counseling So. IL University Edwardsville Jun-1988 52 Semesters Hrs
Substance Abuse Prevention & Rehabilitation Gateway Foundation
George Smith, Dir. Adult Services
624 South Michigan, Chicago, IL
April -
July 1987
145 Hrs
Aids and substance Abuse State Community College East
St Louis, IL
Apr-1987 18
BA Social Science McKendree College Lebanon, IL 62254 Dec-1986 4 yr Degree
Suicide Crises Intervention Hyland Center
St. Louis, MO
Sept-1986 8
Co- Therapist Adult Aftercare Group DayBreak Belleville, IL Nov-1985 315
Chemical Dependency A Family Disease
HW MAC/DPZ Travers AFB, CA May-1985 40
Alcoholism in the Family USAF SAFB, IL Mar-1984 40
Alcoholism & the Family HQ AFMSC/SAPC Brooks AFB, TX Dec-1983 24
Family Systems Theory Johnson Institute
Minneapolis, MN
Sep-1983 16
Family Systems Eastern Washington Univ.

Johnson Institute School for Chemical Dependency Johnson Institute
Minneapolis, MN
Feb-1979 152
Counseling/Managing Technique USAF Academy
Kapone AS, Germany
Apr-1978 232
Skill & Advance Level  Training in Drug/Alcohol Abuse Control ECI
Gunter AFB, AL 36118
May-1977 360
Family Assistance Support Team Training HQ MAC
Scott AFB, IL
Apr-1976 21
Crisis Intervention
Call for Help
Belleville, IL
Sep-1975 20



CSADC - Certified Supervisor Advisor, Drug Abuse Counselor

Ed.D. - Doctor of Education

LCPC - Licensed Clinical , Professional Counselor

LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

M.A. - Masters of Arts

M.D. - Doctor of Medicine

M.S. - Master of Science

MFA - Master of Fine Arts

MSW - Master of Social Work

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

Th.M. - Master of Theology

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